Monday, April 23, 2012

Ariana Grande- Tattooed Heart Song

Ariana has released the name of the song 'Tattooed Heart', which will be part of her debut album alongside PYHU, Honeymoon Avenue and Pink Champagne. Ariana gave out the name when she got heart love heart tattoo, she also played a snippet of the start of the song at teh end of the video
This is what she said in the end of the description box-
"P.s. Tattooed Heart is also the name of 1 of my favorite songs I've written from my upcoming debut album.. I put a little snippet of the beginning of it for you all at the end of this video.. I hope I don't get in trouble for doing this hehe! "
Here is the snippet-

(This is a fanmade youtube video made by StoopKidIsWhatWeAre)

And Click Here For The Tattoo Video-

We cannot wait for the full song and music video, we are sure it will be great (Ariana said it is one of her favourites)

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