Thursday, June 7, 2012

Videos Of Ariana and Matt Bennet

A few days ago Ariana tweeted the link to a video posted by her Victorious co-star Matt Bennet on Youtube. It is a really good video of Matt Bennet trying to make Ariana laugh and just doing random things on the set of Victorious and she laughs alot. About everything. Here It Is-

She tweeted with it-

Here is another video of Ari posted by Matt from a while ago when they were filming 'Make It In America' in the desert. It is alot shorter than the previous one but Ari looks gorgeous in it so we thought we would share it with you-

This video was posted by Matt Bennet and is of Ariana jumping out of a caravan on set but is slo-motioned and rewinded to the fiesta tune that is playing, Matt edited it and it is quite creative really, Here It Is-

Thid Video is of Ariana and Liz Gilles singing karekoke on set of Victorious, the video goes for a while and involes alot of giggling especially from Ariana, Matt captioned, "this is what happens when Ari and Liz have too much free time on set." Here It Is-

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