Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keeks and Instagram Pics

Over the past few days, Ariana has posted heaps of videos and pictures, on Instagram and Keek. She posted heaps of pics including a cute picture of her at the beach as a baby, one of her on the new cover of Girls Life magazine and lots of pics of food.

Here are the Keeks-
| Packing for Ny.. My mom is having a full out disco in the room next door lol #crying #shessocute

I don't even know.. @alexaluria #mybestfriend 👍

 | You know its been a good night in the studio when Matty does this.. lol #l'chaim

My brother playing the tripping game in Disneyland.. Funniest thing I've ever seen.. I miss u @FrankieJgrande

 | As seen on stoop kid lol #1ofmyfavs

| It's our favorite song @alexaluria #marioparty lol

Here are the Instagram Pics-

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