Monday, June 24, 2013

Ariana's Album is Finished!!

Today, Ariana tweeted that she has completly finished her album, all the recording is finished and it will be released very soon. She finished the first half yesterday, and the rest today. 
Ariana is super happy and proud of all her work, since the album has taken 3 years to create. She has decided to call it Daydreamin' after one of her songs.

Ariana tweeted-

In bed early. Today was one of the most special days of my whole life. My album is finished.
Feel like crying not sure if it's because I'm still sick or because I can't believe I finished my album I've been working on for 3 years.
Either way... I'm so thrilled and excited and relieved and happy and I can't wait to share this album with you. Falling asleep smiling. :)
And I love you.
I don't want to sleep I'm too excited.

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