Saturday, July 13, 2013


Over the past few days, a lot of things have happened for Ariana and she has made some big announcements! Here they are, along with Ariana's tweets-

New Song
Ariana tweeted that she might be releasing a new song this month.
You may be getting a new song this month. Who said that oops.
Lol your reactions are my favorite. But yes it's true. Lots of music stuff coming up. Exciting time for us fam. :) Love u have a good night.
Mac Miller tweeted: . bout to release a song that's very awesome.

Song Preview
On Keek, to celebrate her reaching 7.4 Million Twitter followers. Ariana released a 12 second video of some of her friends and fellow musicians, dancing along in a recording studio to a song she is singing.
Wanna hear a few seconds of something special?

Tour & New Single Announcing Date
Ariana tweeted that she is going to be going on a tour this summer, and that she will be releasing the name on Monday. She is also going to announce her new single.
Preorder info still coming soon but on Monday I will be announcing my new single and the name of my first tour I'm going on this summer. :)

We are sure that all this music Ariana is making is going to be GREAT!
We are looking forward to buying her albums!!

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