Friday, September 6, 2013

Determining the Cost of a Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is by far the most effective solution for treating baldness problems. Although this modern-day cosmetic surgery is available across the entire world, the cost varies from one region to another. The price variation is not because of geographical distribution only. There are several other reasons why the cost of a hair transplant varies between places. The doctors and patients play a significant role in regulating the factors. One can calculate the total price of the surgery only after the mutual decision of the doctor and the patient.

The target areas

This is one of the most crucial factors in a hair transplantation surgery. The number of follicular grafts (for implantation) mostly depends on the baldness severity. Estimating the grafting region and follicle requirements is the most vital task of the entire transplantation process. If the bald area is only at the front of the head, the hairs are quite easily restorable. These hairs are mostly from other regions of the body. So, if you wish to adopt this technique, the body hair quality must match with the scalp.

Follicle quality

In hair transplantation, the strand quality must match with the scalp hairs. These play a significant role in determining the operation expenses. Different artificial strands are available these days, which cost somewhere around 3-6 $. But, if we consider the area wise grafting, we have to calculate the cost per 1000 grafts. Moreover, the clinic status and its facilities also play a vital role in cost estimation.

Surgeon expenses

There are 2 common well-known methods of a transplantation surgery. One of these is the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the other is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). If a doctor combines the 2 methods for the operation, the overall operation expenses will certainly rise up.

The surgery venue

If the patient undergoes the surgery in a private clinic, the operation fee is pretty low. However, if the patient undergoes the surgery in a large clinic, the total cost will certainly rise up. The total cost always depends on the number of sessions or graft implantation (in the bald region). Apart from the place, the surgical technique also plays a significant role in cost determination.

The transplantation cost always becomes a vital issue for the patients. So, as a patient, you should always ask for a rough price estimate before going under the knife. This will certainly make you successful in the long run.


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  1. Technique of Hair Transplant surgery involves procedure of extracting live hair grafts (hair follicles, skin and tissue) from where hair are in access (called donor sites) on the patient's head or from body source then planting them to the balding region(called recipient site)

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