Monday, May 7, 2012

Ariana Videos

We decided to celebrate how amazing Ariana Grande is we are going to make a vidoe timeline of videos we found of Ariana on Youtube, some are new and some are from up to 5 years ago, so sit down, relax and enjoy seeing how Ariana has changed over the years.

Here is the 2nd video, it is a video that Ariana posted in 2009 of her singing "My Grown-Up Christmas Wish List" at the Hollywood Highland Centre Christmas Tree Lighting. This was made around when Ariana has just started in Victorious, Here It Is-

Here Is A Video From April 2011, it is of Ariana singing a mash-up of Born This Way/Express Yourself, this video is from back when Ariana just did cover songs and hadn't started PYHU. (The left back-up dancer is Arianas older brother Frankie Grande) Here It Is-

Here Is Another video from 2011, it is a small video Ariana made to thank all her fans for well, being such great fans. It is a really sweet video, she shows a henna tattoo that she got (temporary). Here It Is-

and Finally here is the video Ariana posted of her 18th birthday party last year, it looks like the coolest party ever, ariana performed manytime alongside friends, co-stars and others it was full of singing, friends, family, photos, dressing-up, flipbooks, coconuts, food, drinks, what else could you want? It looks soo amazing anyway here it is-

So yer, thats all we have for now, we will post more posts like this depending on the views this one gets, thanks AAG xoxo

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